Doge Tweet | Meme Coin


Doge Tweet is a angry birds inspired game where anyone can play and earn coins through gameplay.


(Coming soon)

While doing that players can also collect SDT (dogetweet) tokens. Successful players who complete all levels will be rewarded with the collected coins directly to their wallets. As players advance though the game the amount of tokens will increase.


The game play resolves around players using a slingshot to launch Doge or Shiba at the grumpy cats stationed in or around various structures, with the intent of destroying all the cats on the playing field.


Doge Tweet collection will be two separate collections, Doge team and Shiba team. Each collection will be made of 5000 unique digital collectables. Players will be able to use their NFT in the game as the main character. Players using NFTs will receive extra rewards



  • Total supply 40,000,000,000
  • Community 60%
  • App functions 20%
  • Marketing / listings 10%
  • Team 10%